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Regardless of what industry you’re in, how you approach social media depends on whether you’re a business to consumer, business to business, or e-commerce company. Now take into consideration your specific industry, your ideal customers, and where they are in the buyer’s journey when they typically find you – ok, just kidding. Those are things we take care of so you can worry about running your business. We provide companies with social media management and advertising services that help them generate new customers. It’s simple really. Read on to learn more.


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Social Media Management Services

Social media has become a vital part of businesses marketing efforts because as it turns out, an important segment of your customer base just may prefer to hang out there. We can help you reach them, and others across social media outlets to expand your brand and generate more sales.

What is social media management?

Content Creation

We come up with post ideas, topics, images, and video to share with your audience.

Social Publishing

Once your content has been developed, we’ll maximize the effort by distributing across all of your social media outlets.

Audience Engagement

We reply, like, comment, answer, and help make it easy for your followers to get what they need.

Site Promotion

We reach out to others in your industry, make connections, and promote your site across the network to grow your following and brand recognition.

Page Updates

We make sure your social pages stay up to date with new layouts, add-ons, and technology as it gets released by each of the social networks.

Reporting and Analytics

We give you insight into all of the reporting and analytic data available so that you can measure success and see real growth.

How much does social media management cost?

Social Media Management Prices

We offer social media management services that focus on growing the audiences and customer bases that matter most to your business. Do you know which ones they are? If not, we’ll help you identify them. Whether you’re just establishing a social presence, or are actively marketing and advertising your brand, we have social media management plans for you.


1 social network (publish to all)
$400 per month

Content Creation x 4/month (posts, images, topics)

Social Publishing x 4/month (up to 5 social sites)

Audience Engagement (Generate Leads)

Site Promotion (Audience Growth)

Page Updates (Maintenance)

Analytics and Reporting


maximize reach with lost cost ads
$750+ call for quote

Content Creation x 4/month

Social Publishing x 4/month

Audience Engagement x 2 social networks

Site Promotion x 2 social networks

Page Updates x 2 social networks

Analytics and Reporting

Ad Design x 4/month

Ad Publishing x 4/month

Ad Analysis & Refinement

Ad Optimization

Ad Management


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